Lavender is one of my favorite summer flowers to grow. I absolutely just love the scent and beauty of its flowers. Although its beauty and sweet floral scent are one of the many reasons I grow it, the number one reason is to attract pollinators to my garden. I have 4 plants growing in my front yard and I just added 4 to my backyard. I am still looking to add more! I grow a large vegetable garden and I want to bring as many pollinators as I can to them.

Lavender Blooms – 📸 blueowlhomestead

The benefits of adding lavender to your garden are plenty. For one, It is really easy to grow, it just needs well drained soil, full sun and light watering. It is pretty drought tolerant too, which to me, is a bonus. Lavender will flower all summer long, just cut back all the dead flowers for continuous blooms. While lavender does attract all the good insects such as bees and butterflies, one of its other benefits is it repels some bad bugs like fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and moths, making it a wonderful addition to your garden and great for pets too.

Harvesting Lavender – 📸 blueowlhomestead

Lavender is an edible flower. I’m sure many of you have seen lavender ice-cream, or lavender decorated cookies/baked goods, or maybe not. I never heard of or saw lavender ice cream until maybe a few years ago. I think it’s popularity has grown with the rise of social media.

Lavender is also a medicinal herb. That’s right, a herb. It is part of the mint family and is known for its antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s great to make into a salve to use on bug bites and to help heal minor burns. It’s also great to drink in teas as it may help reduce anxiety. I love to make a linen spray and use it on our beds for a better night’s sleep.

Lavender Bundle – 📸 blueowlhomestead

These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of lavender. I hope this inspires you to grow some for your own garden. It’s a great plant for the beginner gardener too, as it is super easy to grow. Let me know in the comments below if you are growing lavender in your garden.

Happy Gardening Friends!