Spring is here and so are the cherry blossoms! Every April, the trees start to come back to life with a show of beautiful, fragrant flowers that welcome back the warm embrace of the season.

If you think about cherry blossoms you may also think of Japan, where many believe the cherry blossom trees originated (this is disputed by China as they insist the trees originated there). Japan holds a very famous cherry blossom festival every year called Hanami, in the Spring. If you live in the United States, you may have also heard of another famous cherry blossom festival that takes place in our nation’s capitol of Washinton, D.C. In fact, more than 100 years ago, Japan gifted Washington more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees.

Pink Cherry Blossoms – 📸 by Blueowlhomestead

Did you know New Jersey also has a Cherry Blossom Festival? We do! Branch Brook Park in Essex County has more than 5,200 Japanese Cherry Blossom trees that burst with fragrant blooms every April. This year the festival runs from April 2 – April 10. We were lucky enough to go on the first day and it was truly magical.

White Cherry Blossoms – 📸 Blueowlhomestead

Although the weather has been quite chilly here with some freezing nights, a lot of the trees were blooming. The park is quite large and and there are plenty of trees to take those Instagram worthy photos to post.

As you can see, these trees are absolutely stunning! It’s a great space for family time and also maybe a picnic beneath the blossoms. Happy Spring Friends!

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