Did you know that you can grow olive trees in areas that have cold winters? You can! Now, I know what you are thinking – how can I grow an olive tree if I live in an area with freezing and below freezing temperatures? That’s easy, grow them in containers. Using containers gives you the ability to move them indoors during the cold winter months. It will also keep the tree compact so it won’t grow as big as it would like if it was planted in the ground. When potting, I used a mix of potting soil and soil made for trees to help get the roots established.

I have been an olive fan my whole life. I just love them! If I had more space, I would buy multiple varieties and spend my days marinating/brining them and cold pressing them into olive oil. But since I don’t, I will have to settle for the 1 tree I have for now. My beloved Koroneiki Greek Olive tree from Fastgrowingtrees.com.

Koroneiki Greek Olive Tree – 📸 blueowlhomestead

This olive tree is self-fertile, so I will get fruit with just this one tree but if I had another one, the production would increase significantly (I do plan on adding one more tree). It is drought resistant, doesn’t need to be watered that often (only when the soil is dry down to about 2-3 inches) and requires 6+ hours of sunlight daily. I currently have it chilling out in my dining room with a UV light for extra “sun”. In the spring, I will be adding a little bit of compost and fertilizer to help it grow during the summer months. Fingers crossed I get an olive harvest this fall!

My fall patio – 📸 blueowlhomestead

So as you can see, you can grow olive trees in just about any climate. You can literally bring a piece of the Mediterranean into your home. I hope you will consider an olive tree in your next plant planning, it makes a beautiful addition to any garden.

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