Growing up, I don’t remember my parents ever using fresh herbs in their cooking or even buying any fresh herbs from the supermarket. Of course, this was during the 80’s when life was simpler, the internet didn’t exist and our summers were spent drinking rainbow colored juices and eating pop rocks. Oh those were the days!

My dad was the gardener in the family who grew a wide variety of vegetables in our small backyard and my fondest childhood memories are of my siblings and I eating the veggies straight off the plants. I wanted the same memories for my own children and one of the first gardens I started was a herb garden.

My Little Garden Helper – 📸 blueowlhomestead

If you are a beginner gardener, a herb garden would be a great way to begin your gardening journey. It’s pretty low maintenance and the plants are easy to grow.

I started my herb garden with the perennials, thyme, rosemary, mint, oregano and sage. This season I added another perennial, lemon balm. Every summer I add the annuals such as basil, dill and parsley.

Fresh herbs are such a wonderful addition to add to your recipes. I love adding basil to tomato sauce, using fresh dill to make homemade pickles as soon as the cucumbers start producing, I use parsley in just about everything, thyme and sage are great to add to chicken dishes and soups. Rosemary I love to dry and add those to roasted potatoes. Mint is great to add to drinks and teas.

Dill Harvest – 📸 blueowlhomestead

This is my fourth year gardening and although my garden has expanded greatly, with a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers, my herb garden is still my most preferred place to be. Mornings are my favorite time to enjoy it, as it’s just me, my coffee, the birds and my herbs. Paradise, if you ask me.